Three different prizes will be awarded to the winners at the end of the 3rd day of conference. The awards will be as the following:

  1. Atallah Rashmawi’s Award for best paper in laboratory medicine:

All abstracts accepted for the conference are eligible for the award. The award committee will evaluate all abstracts and their respective presentations based on their scientific substance and contribution to the development of local medical laboratory service. The winner of the award will receive a certificate and a US $6000 .

  1. Best Poster presentation Award:

The 12th IPCLM Award committee will select the best poster presentation during the two days of the conference. The conditions for the award and its evaluation are as follows:

  1. The winners will be announced on the last day of the conference and the prize will be awarded then. In case the winners were not present, they will be sent an email with the information on how to collect the prize.
  2. The evaluation will consider the poster style, poster content, and the given oral presentation.
  3. More specifically the panel will consider four main criteria in each of the mentioned above. The criteria are content, organization, delivery, and the design. Each section will contribute with equal weighting to the final score given to each poster. Each criteria is expected to meet the following conditions:
  • Content: the research topic addresses an important issue in the chosen area. The questions/aims of the research are clear. Information is accurate and the presenter shows knowledge of the key terms in that area.
  • Organization: the content follows a logical structure. The presentation of the ideas follow a logical progression to support the research aims. Headings and subheadings are clear and logically ordered.
  • Delivery: The presenter shows full knowledge of the presented material. The presenters are able to elaborate on any further questions.
  • Design: The design is attractive and easy to read. The texts and figures are clear and easily read and viewed. There are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. The colors support the readability of the overall poster.

The selected winner will receive a monetary reward with the value of $3000, made available at the end of the awards ceremony.

  1. PMTA President Award

This award was introduced by the PMTA council by the name of the PMTA president. This award is given to people from the PMTA members who offered great services to the PMTA. During the conference a special committee will announce winners of this award from all the nominees. The winner/s will be awarded a certificate and a US$1000.